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Triumph Tail Bag

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I see on Triumph's site they show a tail bag that looks made for the Triple. Has anyone physically seen one? I am looking for some sort of luggage options for my 06 Speedy.
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the dealer told me not available to july :(
I'm look'n fer a tail bag, may have to check that one out!
Luggagelocker makes a nice tailbag for the S3. I have used mine for a couple of years...
I had a tail bag once, didn't work. Told the slag to get off and walk home. :shocker:
I have the ventura pack system. I can mount the bag on the pillion seat or on the rack or for really big trips zip 2 bags together. I find they're a great system used them for years. You'll see some more pics on speedy at my sites in my sig.

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Russ - What brand frame sliders are those?
If I recall they're skykings with white sliders
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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