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Triumph tops in Warranty race-no help for me

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Dealer told me today that Triumph has the lowest number of warranty claims in the industry!
I believe it -I only have one problem-my fu##ing bike doesnt run.
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I've been lucky I havent had ANY issues.... knock on wood... like I said up there... hang in there.... if it helps I had almsot 2 feet of snow this past weekend so no riding here.. ;D
My '06 rear shock started spewing acidic junk out of the shock reservoir and I had to take it in for warranty work... :(
It's like everything else in life... if it was put together something will go wrong sooner or later. Mistakes happen.

My 04 Daytona spun a crank bearing in just 4800 miles in the middle of the summer and the dealership was so busy I didn't get the bike back for two months. On the plus side the warany covered it all and I got a engine.
i have spent a year whinging about brakes and still no real joy then just on the off chance at the year service i mention that the footpegs have lost their shiney look and within 3 days they phone me and say theyll replace them under warranty.

now if only they would replace the calipers for me (with some brembos) ;D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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