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Just finished a weekend of work on Speedy. New pipe, removed the SAI and installed a non-SAI tune w/Tuneboy. Question is, after I installed the tune I cleared the SAI error code but the check engine light is still on. Will it go out after a few heat cycles or do I have to turn it off using the Tuneboy?
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You can clear it with TB, or it will eventually go out after 3-5 cycles and 50 miles IIRC.
I have a similar problem with a non SAI '08. I removed tune 020204 and installed tune 020238 and it threw an engine light. I cleared that with TB and 100m down the road it throws the light again. I got home and thought to check 02038 and it is labeled SAI, but the option to enable/disable SAI is not available.

Anyone have any helpful ideas?
You cannot enable/disable SAI with a checkbox. You will need to choose a basetune that is nonSAI or SAI.

Check the TuneBoy site tunelist for same tune description as what your current tune has, but pick the one that says "no SAI".

Edit. Looks like 20240 would be the one for standard pipe & no CAT & no SAI.
Thank you Sir!
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