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TuneBoy Diagnostics 101

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TuneBoy Diagnostics 101: An introduction to its use. Start by reading the documentation -
This is a fairly easy to use and understand program, but I hope this answers any questions.

If you open TuneBoy Diagnostics with your computer connected to the running bike, the first page you will see is a screen that looks like a Daytona 955i gauge pod with a tachometer and an 'LCD' screen displaying engine temperature, throttle position, air temperature, the bike's current speed, and the ECU serial number. This is the Dash page.

At the bottom of the screen you will find an Exit button to quit the program. And across the top of the screen you will notice four buttons marked Dash, Sensors, Errors, and Tests that will take you to different diagnostic screens.

Sensors - This screen displays the current readings for many different sensors on the bike and engine, and even a few that may not be used on your particular model. The arrangement in columns can help to locate what information you need and make sure it is reading correctly. At the bottom of the page, you will find two buttons to reset the ISCV (idle air solenoid) and the adapter. There is also an exit button.

Take some time to familiarize yourself with this page and what is displays at idle and with a small bit of throttle applied.

Errors - This page will display any error codes in the ECU from faulty sensors and the like. At the bottom of the screen you will find buttons to refresh the error readings, clear the fault codes, and exit the program.

Tests - This page allows you to test some of the sensors and servos that are on your bike and same that may not be used at all.

Resetting idle air control:
If you bike is idling roughly, or you have just loaded a new tune, you may want to check the ISCV to see if it is in range on the sensors page. If it is out of range, simply click on the Reset ISCV at the bottom of the page and it should reset the value, and improve the idle characteristics.
If the ISCV is out of range, you may have a faulty solenoid, a bad connection with the sensor, or one that simply needs cleaning.

I hope this helps.
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Once again, thank you Devi.

I have been meaning to play with this but time constraints have prevented me.

The girlies' Spitfire goes to the panel beater tomorrow and that should free up some workshop space.

I thought this was helpful to picture what the TuneBoy diagnostic screens look like:
Skydakine said:
I thought this was helpful to picture what the TuneBoy diagnostic screens look like:
That is version 1.3

Lots of changes since then. Even the TuneBoy site doesn't have screenshots of the latest Diagnostics version.
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