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Tuneboy ignition timing maps

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I was looking at loading the 10088Tune_dyno39 map and have a question about the timing. Only the
l2(G) map has been changed from stock. According to the documentation l1, l2, and l3 are the timing for individual cylinders. It doesn't address the (N) and (G) notations on l1 and l2 that show up on the actual program. Why is the only the timing on l2 changed, not l1 and l3?
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I now see in a previous post by Devious that the I(N) is the timing in neutral and I(G) is the timing with the bike in gear.
Yep, the 1050 Keihin ECU is different than the TuneEdit documentation shows for the older ECU's.

I still have yet to learn what the third ignition map is used for.
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