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Tuneboy question

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Do I need one? and if so what do I need to buy?

Now to give you some info to help you answer.

My Harley has a carb, so after I had the Sampsons put on I had it re-jetted and dyno'd and everything has been fine since. carbs are easy I have no experience with mapping.

I've got an '02 speedy, I'm putting a Zard slipon on it, and I'm not planning any other performance mods other than maybe a K&N.

Whaddaya think?
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You may be ok just going in to your dealer and getting the TORs tune put in. Steve at Annitori Distributing recommends the TORs tune for the Zard.

If you are considering other power mods down the road, a tune boy will be better suited to your needs. It allows a finer level of tuning.

They are sold here, and Your other option it to borrow one and purchase a seperate "key code" for your bike's ecu. "Keys" run about $150 if I remember correctly.
Have you or are you going to mod your bike? If not you don't really need one. Even if you just do a slipon exhaust you don't really need one cuz you can just get the dealer installed TORS tune. But if you want to make more significant changes or progressively mod your bike then HELL YES. It lets you do lots of cool things like recalibrate you speedo, change your rev limiter, adjust your fuel and timing maps, read & reset error codes and the list goes on.

Go to to see what it's all about. Basically all you need is the Triumph USB started kit. And a Windoze based PC of course.

Go to the Tuning section of this forum, there are a bunch of good posts.
I've looked at the site, I was just wondereing whether I needed the whole $500+ setup or something cheaper.

As I said above, I'm really not planning to mod the speedy much more than the pipe and maybe a K&N filter.
Personally, If you only are going to add a slip-on, I wouldn't bother with anything more than the TORS tune.

The TuneBoy is more than you need. So is an aftermarket air filter IMHO.
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