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Tuneboy questions

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Guys I have been having some problems loading the 20088 tune.

I have a 2006 Speed Triple.

I downloaded 20088 tune from the forum.

When I saved it to Tune Edit it didn't show up in the dropdown menu for 1050cc Speed Triple folder, but if I type 20 it appears and seems to be valid.

When I download this tune I get the authenticated message but I also get a message that says open loop conditions not met.

I checked the original tune before starting and it was 020103.

After trying to load 20088 it says it has loaded 020101.???

I have since successfully reloaded the 020103 tune

Also my bike wont start with the light fuse pulled. Anyone know if it will still download?
I'll try later.

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That guru Wayne has gotten back to me already and it's all loaded.
I forgot to test the loading with the fuse pulled.

Now for the test ride. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I finally got my shit together and sorted out the TB.

I downloaded the 020088 tune today. It replaced the 020103.

Seat of the pants says it pulls harder longer and the mid range feels very solid.

It starts up faster hot and cold so far.

Only downside is it seems to pop alittle more on the overrun.

I live in central Brisbane and had to test it at 3.00pm school time so it was a bit limited.
The bright red XR6 that tried off the red light at the freeway entrance disappeared very, very rapidly.

I'm happy. :-D :-D
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I don't how I failed to notice this and the PMs before now. But glad to see Tuneboy Support took care of you ASAP.
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