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Tuneboy tunes

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So has anyone else tried the 20103 tune? It feels like the bike has lost some torque on the bottom end but is much more linear in acceleration. It also seems to pop a bunch more on decel. All I've done to the bike is the TOR's and changed the tune. I'm waiting for a renthal 45 tooth sprocket before I go to the dyno hopefully it gets here soon. Blocking off the air injection should get rid of the pop but it sounds so cool, I imagine that you have to disable the air when tuning using a wide band. Does anybody else have alternate tunes for tuneboy other than whats on Wayne's site? I need more SPEEEED. :(
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I'm going to try out 10158PK (from after I remove my SAI and carbon canister and give the bike a good rubdown tomorrow maybe. Currently using the Tuneboy map listed 10159 and its decent. Definitely way rich though. I'm going to wait on a custom dyno mapping until I get a supercharger or turbo.
I posted a tread on the old web site under Oxygen sensor/TuneBoy. Does everyone
with a TBoy have a wide Band sensor ??
Excust my ignorance but... what is a wideband sensor? I'm no expert yet on the Tuneboy software, but I don't recall a specific setting for it.
Hey kuhlka, the OEM air/fuel sensor in the exhaust pipe only tells the ECU whether it is running rich or lean but not by how much (because the sensor has only a small range
"narrow band" in which to operate). So changing the ratio with the Tboy is kind of
difficult (as I understand it). So what one needs is a sensor that has a large "wide"
voltage range which is converted to an accurate wide air/fuel reading. Please let an
expert correct my errors.
Hmm, I'd be very interested in such a mod if anyone finds out more info...
Re: Tuneboy wideband

Wayne at Tuneboy says that he has an add on box similar to the wideband commander from dynojet except Waynes has:
-indivdual cyl. mapping
-boost vs. rpm capability
-can run secondary injectors
-auto tuning from wideband(I think only on twins)
-also two switched inputs and two outputs to use for wastegate control or electric shifter.etc...
I haven't emailed tuneboy sales yet to get a price but aparently this is the same unit that Greg Geigel is using on his turbo 1050. Hope that helps.
Colespeed, let us know what TuneBoy says
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