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Tuneboy & Warranty

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Just signed up to buy a tuneboy through a group buy! Can't wait to get it!

Seeing as re-chipping cars still under warranty can invalidate the warranty if engine failure occurs....the question popped up how Triumph looks at bikes under warranty being remapped by something else than their own kit. Do they even give a frakk?
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$362 including shipping.
Fenster said:
Man! That´s f-ing cheap! you say? ;D

Go for it dude! The price includes shipping to the States in other words I'll prob get nailed when it comes to shipping to Sweden :jerkit:

Anyhooooo...I don't give a fuck!!

Fenster said:
spooner said:'s over at ;D
$362 including shipping.
You wouldn´t consider ordering two in that group buy? ;D
I signed up yesterday. They're just trying to make it happen dude. I'm sure you're very welcome to join in the fun if you're up to it.
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Dfib said:
IF you do something incredibly foolish (ie: reset the rev limiter for 15k or something of that matter) Triumph prob will tell you to sod off. Other than that it shouldn't invalidate the warranty. Check with your dealer to make sure. (Mine is VERY liberal as to what mods he considers invalidate the warranty :drink:)
Thanks! I'm sure it's all cool but I'll check with my stealer just in case...not that their reply will keep me from going ahead with remapping with tuneboy. :drink:

Fenster said:
It sound really interesting! I'm just thinking that if you get customs and tax on it....then it´ll probably end up at the same price as if you order it on their website. Not trying to poop your party here!;D
You may after all get away with it! And then... :jerkoff:
You're prob right...I'll get nailed for 80 bucks in customs and tax....but then again Tuneboy isn't sold in Sweden so this is the only's all PC overhere. Maybe I can get 'em to send it as a gift and send the receipt seperately...
StuckInKansas said:
Connot find the groupbuy at

Can somebody post a link? Spooner?
'ere u go mate
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