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Tunes for different exhausts?

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Hello, so I have a 2009 with a Comp Werkes short pipe and originally did the ToD tune but I’m looking for a different tune to help with the popping on deceleration. I’m also getting some rough running while steady on throttle under 4K rpm. Bike has currently 22k miles. I’ve tried SeaFoam and that didn’t help with the roughness. Any ideas? Bike runs great while above 4K.

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You need to get rid of the SAI to stop the popping on decel. You can go about it many ways but the easiest is just a piece of duct tape over the port in the airbox. Or you can put a marble in the hose or go whole hog and make 3 block of plates and remove all the other SAI hardware. All equally effective. The only way it will pop after that is if you have leaks in the exhaust.
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