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Underseat exhaust on the way!!!

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So Yoshimura called me today that the RS5 exhaust is ready, so I picked it up! I was super excited and opened the box the thing is very small with great craftsmanship, should look great under the S3, with no hugger/rubbing problems. I am at work today and then need to take my parents to the airport tonight, so I can't do anything until tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will take pics of a mock setup, and some different mounting possibilites and see what people like best. Then I am off on vacation for two and half weeks so I won't have the thing done for awhile to wet everyone's appetite!

I am so excited
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Post photos of just the can too, lots of details. I'm interested in measurements too. Need to figure out if it'll fit my bike. Now that I've actually managed to get my hands on some stainless TIG rod, I'm tossing around the idea of making my own header. Need to do some research, but looks doable.
Did you ever get around to finishing this project?
I posted some photos on the other site awhile ago. I was on vacation for the last 2.5 weeks. I have figured out how to do it. Basically the way GPR did theres by removing the Brakelight but keeping the plastic to help hide the exhaust is the best way to go IMO. It helps elimanate the problem of clearence and the Battery box doesn't have to be messed with (or at least it doesn't look like it needs messing with).

Not sure I can afford this right now, we went a bit over budget on our vacation...The wife says the bathroom remodel takes priority ???
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jackel, she can use the bathroom at the gas station 8)
Unfortunately, I have to agree with her. We are selling the house in October and this will help a lot with the sales price, and therefore more $$$. I am working on the finances to afford everything right now, but even if we can this weekend is jammed packed so if I am lucky I might be able to get to this next weekend/weeknights if I don't take the exhaust back.

What is the opinion of the triumph crowd, is this system marketable. I imagine with the exhaust, pipe, new brake light it would cost at least $900, plus some self modification of the old brake light. If I could convince her/myself we might actually be able to sell a few of these, I would find a way to scrounge together the cost for developing this.

I would need to develop a custom brake light (not a problem, just time consuming), since the one shown wouldn't work with the seat cowl. I think it would be cool to also move the license plate to underneath the bike like shown on
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IMO there would be a market, but i already have my Wolf cans/mid-pipe so you need to get
some other customers. come on folks, let's get Jackel the new bathroom!!
There is DEFINITELY a market for this. Thats one of the first mods I was trying to find an affordable way to DIY when I first got my bike. So nice having the exhaust tucked up out of the way.
Ok guys the bathroom is taking up some extra time, but once I get the tile down this week I should have some time to work on this.

I am trying to take a day off next week to finish this underseat project ;D I hope to at least have pictures of this beast mounted with the mid pipe by next weekend. I don't know if I will get the brake light done by then, but I am going to try.
The underseat in the bathroom ??? ???
If it looks anything like the exhaust in the picture, There will be a huge market for it. I was looking at the Wolf/Trident system, but if you had somthing like that I'd consider it.
Here is the pics that got displaced. I won't be able to finish for awhile seeing as how I got a new job, and we are moving but it will be eventually done....

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Heres a thought. You could jack up the rear by making extensions for the lower subframe mounts. This would change the seat angle a bit, but it would give plenty of clearance.
Where are you at with this? Hope it didn't get the better of you.
l need to bring this thread back to the top to get some more info. Has anything more happened with this project? Is that just a general RS5 muffler or is it from a specific application? What can be done to protect all the plastic from the heat? Is there any info on the yellow bike w/ the exhaust? Sorry for all the questions, I've been looking into doing this and have access to the welder and someone w/ the skill to use it. Any help is appreciated.
"Has anything more happened with this project?"

Not that I've heard.

"Is that just a general RS5 muffler or is it from a specific application?"


"What can be done to protect all the plastic from the heat?"

Not much. You'd have to make a custom undertail to replace the stock one in order for the undertail exhaust to fit up in there without looking like crap and/or rubbing the tire when you go over bumps.

"Is there any info on the yellow bike w/ the exhaust?"

All I know is its a one-off job made in Germany and like $1,800.
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Thanks for the info.
Is there a reason no one has come out with this system yet? I know theres a lot involved with creating a new tail section, but it seems doable. I thought I read something about Wolf working on one awhile back but couldn't find the info on another site.
With a smaller battery, maybe gel, the battery box could be modified for more room to move the muffler up. What kind of heat shielding would be enough to keep the plastic from melting, though?
Anyone have an extra tail section they want to sell me so I can hack it up? I really want this exhaust.
Well, with the 1050 fuel tank not having that huge hump hanging down and all the extra space between the engine and the seat, I don't see why someone couldn't make an aluminum undertail with heat shields that could relocate the ECU and battery lower and more forward to make room
Thats what I'm thinking. In the pic of the yellow bike you can see a black box that probably has the fuses and shock resiviour (sp?), maybe the battery.

I'll have to pull it apart to be sure but it looks like the fuses can be moved w/o having to cut wires. Everything can be removed and new parts made, so I won't have to cut up anything and it can be put back to stock if neccesary. It will completely eliminate any room under the seat, but it only holds my insurance info anyway. I found heat shielding thats good for up to 2000 degrees, and it wouldn't come near much plastic, aside from the exit, since an aluminum undertail will go in place of the plastic. I found the post on the other site by Jackelmatador, he sold his Triple, so I don't think he's done much more w/ the project.

What's ironic is that I'm remodeling one of my bathrooms too, but I'm not married so that project is going on the back burner.
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