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Undertail and Hugger

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I'm trying to make a few cosmetic changes to my '02 speedy in the next few weeks.

I've got a Zard slipon on the way, Napolean Mirrors, a fender eliminator from SkyKing, a Sargent seat, and I grabbed a chin fairing off ebay (already the right color).

Can anyone recommend a good hugger?


I saw a link somewhere to a really nice undertail with built in signals, but I didn't save it, and I cant seem to find it again. Everyone has stuff for the new models but I cant seem to find the one I was looking at for the '02 version. It was black and had the regualr tail light.
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if you're gonna keep the stock tail light then why not make ur own? ties are a man's best friend Shift-Tech, I can't vouch for the quality first hand, but have read good things about it, and it's hella cheaper than the Triumph stuff. Of course if you're looking for something other than CF, I only know of the Triumph one.
J-pip, looks like they only have them for the newer bikes, that's what I've been running into at most places, lots for the 05+ and not for the 02-04 bikes.
I think it should work for the older bikes as well, I think the swingarm is roughly the same. Does your swingram have three plastic plugs where a Hugger would mount?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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