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Up in Smoke

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My '03 started bellowing white smoke out the exhaust on my way to work this morning. There was oil residue at the end of the pipe and there was also some coolant on one of the hoses. I have no idea WTF could have happened. The warning light didn't go on, the temp didn't get too high, and it still has oil. I had to leave it at the side of the road and am left to imagine the worst as I wait to load it up and take it to the dealership this evening.

Maybe it will be an "opportunity" to transplant a 955 Daytona engine. Any idea of something inexpensive that could be causing the smoke? (i.e. is there ANY chance I won't need an expensive engine re-build? ???)
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limey said:
Sounds like a head gasket, maybe kinda sorta. :violent1:
That'd me my guess. These aren't known for cracking heads or splitting cylinders which are the other two possibilities.
After you've done all that work you probably would have spent as much as you would on a used Daytona engine, and still not have the same horsepower.

Something to think about.
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