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Upper-Midwest: Slimey Crud Run & Spring Flood Run

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4/21: Spring Flood Run (MN/WI)  Will for sure be in Minnieska in the afternoon.

5/6: Slimey Crud Run (WI)

Will be there for both barring crappy weather. ;D
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ROCK ON..... :wave:
How bout you MN boys? Flood run? I know it's still a big HD thing, but there were a fair amount of metric bikes there last year too! Quite a few Triumphs too. :drink:
I've heard of the flood run before. When I was dating a girl back in high school, her parents would usually attend. Her dad is the sales manager at the HD in Albert Lea, MN. If the weather clears up and I can actually get the 919 in time, I'll definitelly try to make it. Time to load up the credit card on mods quick!!
Mods schmods! Just get her and bring her down.... Good twisties in the SE Mn area!!!
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Wow, that's a lot of stops at bars!! Looks like I'll need to put some training wheels on the bike so I don't tip over!! I've riden out in that area before on the nighthawk. There were some insane twisy roads!! I will definitely be down to head over that way.
About 5 years ago I went on the flood run with some friends. It turned out to be like a billion hardley riders going from one small town to the next, riding very slooowwly and getting hammered... :jerkit:. There are good roads along the river but they're no fun when they're clogged with cruisers. And to top it off, on the norht end of Winona, one guy on a CBR did a 6 inch wheelie and the sherrif went bananas. We weren't even drinking. There were literally thousands of potential DUIs out there, and a 6 inch wheelie is what gets pulled over. If you view it as more of a social thing than an actual ride, I guess it's a good time, but I thought it was actually going to be a bunch of bikes taking a long ride, and what it turned out to be was pretty lame.

Of course, the flood run is also where that guy on a rc51 got infamously (and incorrectly) clocked at 200mph by a cop in a plane with a stopwatch.
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Well I don't really do the full run or the bar hopping. It is slow and fairly lame as mentioned. We usually meet in minnieska at about 1 in the afternoon, go ride the good twisties (away from the river and slow ass bikes) and come back about 3pm just to see all the bikes lined up. Wander a bit, say hi, then it's away to do some more twisty riding home. On occasion we make it farther up the river, but minnieska seems to be the biggest gaggle of bikes.
Flood Run Sat, 4/21

Sounds like a bunch of us Lax guys are gonna make it, if anybody is headed this way, you can find me in Minnieska around 3PM, look for the big ugly hairy guy on the best looking bike there (White S3)! We usually end up around "Bucks" or wander the rows of bikes incessantly.

If you want to meet up for sure or earlier, drop me a pm and I'll give ya my number.

Slimey Crud Run...this Sunday 5-6-07. Start in Pine Bluff, WI @ 10:30 AM and meet up in Leland, WI @ 12:00. Ride on!!!!
Almost that time again! Fall Crud run is coming up: Sunday, October 7th, 2007
You MN pussies..... hook up with Dfib, and make the ride down ...huh :smitty:
APtech77 said:
Almost that time again! Fall Crud run is coming up: Sunday, October 7th, 2007
You MN pussies..... hook up with Dfib, and make the ride down ...huh :smitty:
This sounds interesting. You going, Dfib? I can't always get time off on the weekends, but I might be able to swing it.
Gonna plan on it at this point... :smitty:
I won't know about the time off until thurs. Oct. 4th. I'll see if you're still planning to go then.
Let's put it this way... Barring rain/snow/or penis shriveling cold weather I'll be going... Thanks for the reminder. Gotta start poking the local guys with a stick and find out who's gonna go. :smitty:
Last years Fall run WAS warmer than this past spring run.....FWIW
Next Sunday ladies. DON'T FORGET Pine Bluff @ 10AM. :smitty:
I am in barring rain. Gonna head that way with at least 2 guys from la crosse.

Any of you MN or IA fools gonna head that way?
They're forecasting rain for the weekend, so I'm not going to try to change my schedule because it will affect the whole rest of my week...looks like a good time though, maybe try to make the spring run...
Wuss! ;) ;D

If it ends up nice and you have the day off give me a call, I'll PM ya my cell #.
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