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VVTL on a bike?

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So I have two heads on my bench. One is a 1050cc Speed Triple head, the other is for my Lotus Elise. It is actually for a 1800cc 2ZZ-GE Toyota/Yamaha engine.

The Yoda head has a few things that would make bike engines very impressive. It has a variable advance/retard mechanism that retards the intake cam as the rpm increases. This makes the cam have very little overlap at low rpm, and more overlap at higher rpm.

THEN at 6200 rpm a second set of lobes on each cam is activated and the engine has a completely new powerband on the cams with more lift and more duration. And the advance/retard actuator works for this set of lobes as well.

This is called VVTL for variable valve timing and lift.

Honda has a system like this on some of their car engines too.

I keep looking at this and thinking about the Triumph 1050cc head next to it. Speed Triple cams for low and mid range use, then Daytona cam lobes for high end. What a bike that would be. Especially if the head flowed a good bit more.

It doesn't look to be all that complicated, and only a few pounds would be gained - but a lot wider powerband would more than make up for the weight.

Something to think about. I know I will be.  ;D
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