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Well I said goodbye to speedy today...........

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Well boys Down the road speedy goes to a new home. It was tough watching it pull away but that M4 sure sounded good. Well being the bike whore I am, I'm off chasing the next high and that is the Hypermotard. First on the list at one of the local dealerships, should be in sometime end of June or early July. I'll still be lurking around the S3 sites from time to time and I'll report back on a comparison of the S3 and the Hypermotard once its in the garage. Ride safe everyone..........
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Well, congrats on the new bike. Now go to confession and confess your sin for getting rid of Speedy. ;D
any pics on the new bike idea?
zooplancton said:
any pics on the new bike idea?
I believe hes talking about the Ducati Hypermotard
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Yes Cata I am talking about the Duc........thx. No personal pics yet as they are not stateside yet. Should be end of June early July........
Cant wait to see what you think of it. It looks cool :p
I really like the Hypermotard. It's an 1100cc now, right?
Yes they call it 1100cc it is actually 1078cc though. It makes all its power very low however.

90 hp @ 7750 rpm
76 lbft of torque @ 4750 rpm

Granted these are the undoubtedly inflated Ducati numbers but still pretty impressive and they are offering high performance cams for them giving you about a 10% gain and if you want to spend the cake the full race exhaust give you another 7% or so I think. That would be pretty impressive numbers then. I have a feeling you will not be able to keep the front wheel on the ground as is however.... ;D
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