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What brake fluid reservoir should i get???? Rizoma ? gsg?

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I am buying a new brake fluid reservoir and dont know witch to get. I really like the rizoma's price like $90 but hear they leak slightly. But on the gsg's it took 2 months to get my headlight kit from wildhair. And I need to get it quickly with in 2weeks. Also what size do i need? I have the 2005 1050.
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forgot to mention i want a ally one no ugly plastic ones.
I have the black Rizoma... the thing is bad ass. Cleans up real nice.
What size did you get?
also anybody know about these?
I bought the Rizoma and love it.

However, I spent time and money to modify it to suit.

I had a SS connector made a la the GSG so it fits direct to the MC.

I also made a window from acrylic so you can see the fliud level.

JontyG ordered a GSG in Oz and it took months to arrive.

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GSG.......I'm a function before style guy myself, but it has to look better than OEM.....
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