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Here's a little run some of you may be interested in :) I got back from my 4 day ride last night about 930pm.

All up 3k short of 3000K for the weekend and 1020k for the last day home. I now have the dubious honour of accumulating over 10000km on Speedy and she won't be 3 months old for another week!!!

Met up with GavinB and Smeg (from TRAT Sprint Forum) - great to get together guys, thanks for making the effort.

Here's some pics.

And overall link which is not fully populated yet.

One of our major hwys

Dave here's Conti Road Attack at the top of Mt Hotham after a wee workout. Quite nice tyre these.

And the front

another major hwy. Grandly called. Grand Ridge Road. About 30km of dirt.

Alternate view of Grand Ridge Rd

Conti Road Attack after 6500km

guess who (GavinB)


I only had one at lunch

Mt Hotham

Shot on the Monaro Hwy on the way home

final hours running time for the weekend
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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