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What is a hooligan?

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I thought I'd start a discussion about hooliganism since so many are starting to adopt the nickname at about the rate that yuppies adopted the badass biker image without actually being badasses.

The dictionary defines a hooligan as;

-A tough and aggressive or violent youth.
-A cruel and brutal fellow.

Does this mean the individual has to actually act thuggish, violent, or brutal or can a person who just pulls wheelies/stoppies on their bike instantly start calling themself a hooligan?

In my mind, I instantly think of the famous football hooligans of europe when I define the term. Not necessarily people who would shiv a granny for crossing the wrong street, but definitely someone who has their buddies' backs and will dive into a scuffle at the drop of a hat if provoked. I wouldn't quite consider myself a hooligan as I don't go out regularly looking to beat the shit out of people just for wearing the wrong colors or supporting the wrong team. I AM proud to be a punk and follow such a philosophy.

What do you ladies think?
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I know if there weren't laws I'd be a very bad boy. I just make the conscious decision to avoid jail/prison. Not interested in doing anything that'd get me a suite in the Gray Bar Hilton and a roommate named Bubba.
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