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what size threads on the mirror mounts?

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bought some rizoma bar end mirrors and started to take off the stockies. left side came off as expected but then when i started working on the right side, i noticed that the clamp for the brake fluid res. is bolted down by the mirrow. anyways, gonna try and find some bolts that will hold down the clamp as well as plug up the holes. anyone know the size of the thread?

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awesome! you are really the man to come to for answers. i actually just went down to the local hardware store and bought a couple of hex bolts which i painted flat black. the one's in your link look better imo.

trying to find some button head allen bolts. i think it'll end up looking cleaner
Sorry to revive this a bit - is it an M10 bolt then? What length should we be looking for?
You can also get these cool engraved bolts but they are tres cher.

I've got the Fat Bolts, I think they look cleaner. Contact this fleabay seller, he usually has them although they are not up on his site at the moment. You don't want the Fat Bolts Giant, they are for Giant bicycles and are an M10 x 1.0 pitch. Also, pay no attention to the silver color, they are anodized black.
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The engraved bolts look awesome, but I bet you can find decent bolts from your local bolts and nuts store for less price.
Devious said:

anyone happen to know if the 04's use the same size?
Wow, $20 for a coupla screws. They look nice but SCREW THAT. I put on CRG bar ends and filled the screw hole that holds up the brake fluid reservoir with the stock mirror screw after cutting it off on my chop saw. It looks very cool. The other side I just reversed the bracket so the hole is pointed at the ground.
you can get the back half clamps from a gsxr 2006/2005 master cylinder or clutch perch and they are regular 22 mm half clamps

use the stock bolts and bobs your uncle

conversly if some one wants to trade the clamp hals with the bolt holes , i have several ones with out the holes ?
10x1.25 allen head bolts will be VERY hard to come by at your local hw store or box store. I've searched them all and have never found them. Usually it goes 8x1.25 then 10x1.50. But standard hex bolts in 10x1.25 are very commen. 30 cents each and flat black paint pen :)
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