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What's up (from another friggin' newb) :)

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Hey fellas!!! (and ladies)

Just wanted to say what's up. I've been over on the ratnet but was turned onto this tonight. Thought I'd give it a gander.

My speed triple has a bunch of plastic on the side and some jerk put a big sticker that says "Daytona" on it. ::) If I find that guy... :violent1:

Seriously though, please don't hold my fairings against me. :drink:

Anyway, its good to be here and it's better to see some familiar faces (what's up Cheap!!!).

Talk to y'all soon!!!
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Welcome to the darkside fivehundo, what kept ya?
welcome fivhundo, you'll go naked soon enough :)
Where you from and what sort of riding do you do?
hey five, glad to see ya here, there be good folks in the fold. and don't worry, just cause it's got fairings, doesn't mean it's not a speedy triumph triple cylinder killer.
and as rus said, riding naked is fun.. ;D
speedtonas are way cool, you could make your bike sick and fast. Some of the members on this site know how to make them go real good.
Welcome to the nut house mate.I have a blue 02 speedtona.
Racecomp has some real cool stuff for our bikes.Carbon,carbo,carbon :beer:
:wave: Hi fivehundo, welcome, It's heaps more relaxed here.Just don't fucking swear. Make sure you check out NWS. :drink:
wassup five! Good to hear from ya! We even have chat here so we can still talk smack about limey. ;D
Welcome :wave: - any friend of CB's... Nah ya can't be that bad! :fingure:
Welcome. :wave:

Too bad about you knowing Cheep, though.
Thanks y'all!

It's nice to be here!!! :wave:
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