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wheelie = Busted

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I just wanted to start my day with a smile and did a wheelie on the highway on my way to work. 6:30 in the morning almost no one on the road except the law. Reckless driving ticket thanks deputy. I should know better being 40 years old and all. :slap: Does this make me an official hooligan or just a stupid ass. :squid: I don't know where he came from, those cars must have stealth. 3 years of driving paranoid and higher insurance. :bs: I dont know the cost of my penalty yet. My new bonn fender elim kit passed the test tho. ;)
:smitty: :smitty: :smitty: :smitty: :smitty: :smitty: :smitty: :smitty: :smitty: :smitty:
Now I will be the voice of conservatism from now on. :angel:
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:smitty: :smitty: :smitty: you should have just kept going and looked back with one of these... :finger:

;D ;D ;D just kidding jpip, skinny, and all of you others. :loser:
Ouch! Too bad he couldn't have a bit of humor about the whole thing. Seems to me that the current status of traffic and all could play a part in that, no traffic = something less than wreckless driving. But hey, I'm not an officer so I don't know how it all works.
:devi: We don't allow hooligans here.... :slap:

;) Just kidding, suks you got a ticket, hope it was an impressive wheelie. ;D
Reckless driving for a freaking wheelie sucks big hairy ones. It's such bullshit. Go to court & try to get it reduced, you usually can. Reckless is usually a lot of $$$ and points so it is well worth taking the time. You may want to get a shyster liar, er lawyer. Tell em speedy made you do it. :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs:
The deputy was buy the book about it. He asked if I had a suspended licence. No. Have you been drinking. No. Where are you going. Work. I don't doubt your skills but you can't steer with one wheel. I don't know if he wanted me to argue with him or what.
All i can say is ride on!Sucks about the ticket though. :poop:
Doesn't matter how nice & by the book he was. Just show up for the trial. If he doesn't you are off scott free. If he does show just plead for mercy, most judges will cut you a brake if you're not a flaming asshole. Worse case you wasted half a day but that rarely happens. You could save yourself a bundle.
bummer man, i hate that feeling when you know your about to get skrewed for nuthin... you'ld think they actually have things to worry about other than revenue for your city.

i'ld get a lawer, you might end up spending the same amount of money, but if you get out of the points, that's what really counts..
reckless in VA is license suspended and a huge fine.....cop gave me a schpeel once......

oh yea...and do you pronounce "you'ld" and "i'ld"...took me some time to read :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :violent1:
:drink: :beer:
Do you have a power commander or tuneboy...if you do get a map that is really agressive at the low end and present it in court as the reason why your front wheel went up "accidentally"....dunno it may work. You could prove it in court...

Show up for the trial though, and try to get it reduced.
:finger: 'en Jonny.....
Hire a good lawyer. I got a reckless op ticket a few years back for a wheelie/stoppie/wheelie/stoppie combo in downtown and it turned into a brake light violation after my lawyer did some work with the prosecutor.

5 years ago I got a 12-point violation for speeding tickets, being a young dumb kid at 21 years old and my ignorance cost me a 6-month suspension and having to file an SR22 (drunk drivers stigma on my insurance, although my violations had NOTHING to do with alcohol). All I did was let a bunch of 10-15mph tickets rack up until I had 3 in 6 months (making number 3 = 6 POINTS!). I had a previous ticket from a year earlier and that added up to 12 points, essentially foobaring my driving record and skyrocketing my insurance rates.

Now, if I get pulled over, I either get lucky with a warning or hire a lawyer to handle it.

My advice, if you're caught stunting on public roads, be ready for a reckless operation ticket (in Ohio thats up to 3 months in jail if the judge wants to be a total dick, over $1,000 in fines, automatic license suspension, and it does pure HELL to your insurance rates). Most insurance companies will stop talking to you as soon as they see 'reckless operation' or an SR22 filing. Some will even DROP YOU.

Hire a lawyer and save yourself a heap of pain.
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At least its not Reckless with Alcohol thats not good! trust me.
Look take it to court fight it lie say your bike was off or broken just don't take it in the ASS! fuck them :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs:
:wave: It's nice to know I'm not the only moron here!! :squid: I have a court appearance on 6/27 for the same exact thing. :violent1:

Hmmm...maybe if everyone here does this, we can join together in some kind of "it's not me, it's the bike" defense...How bout it guys? Help a brutha out? :smitty:
I got tagged w/ 95 in a 55 on one wheel way back when. I couldn't plead "not guilty" as a matter of principle so I threw myself at the mercy of the court. The judge appreciated the fact that I owned up to it so he dropped the reckless charge and reduced the speeding ticket to 65 in a 55. This approach is completely dependent on the judge, you should ask around the courthouse to see what kind of guy the judge is. If he's a jerk, get a lawyer. Best person to ask is the clerk at the courthouse.
Ranger32 said:
...Now I will be the voice of conservatism from now on. :angel:
:jerkit: :bs: :bs: :poop: :gtfo: what-ever.
kartstar said:
Ranger32 said:
...Now I will be the voice of conservatism from now on. :angel:
:jerkit: :bs: :bs: :poop: :gtfo: what-ever.
That was an attempt at satire :-X
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