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Who was it.

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Last week I asked how come so many of us don't fill out your location info in your profile area. Here is why. Today, I spotted the first S3/S4 I have ever seen around where I live. Older model, orange in color. (You) were sitting in traffic, facing (N) on IL. Rt. 59 just before the intersection at Grass Lake Rd. (You) had two other sport bike riders with you. I passed you going (S) on Rt. 59 at 5:45pm today riding my blue S3. Who were you? Get outta my town......JK
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I confess, it wasn't me.

Looks like it was a speed four.......
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Note.....not an actual pic from today..... L :laugh: L
How could ya miss the giant orange peckers sticking out of the frame?

They did make a Lucifer Orange S3 back in the day:

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I did see the scoops. I did figure it was an S4....but people do, do weird thing to S3's these days. Look at the FUGLY yell'r S3's. Who the hell would ride such an ugly color bike? ........oh......
APtech77 said:
Who the hell would ride such an ugly color bike? ........oh......

Nuff said! :gtfo:
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