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Has anyone ever use this Shocks???????

Hi Eric,

Thank you for your interest in the Wilbers shocks. Yes, we can supply you with custom build shocks for your bike. Please see the detailed quote below.

The following is some general information on the product with pricing and pictures.

The WILBERS shocks come with a five year warranty.
The service intervals are approx 2=3 years or 20-30,000 miles. Service is done in the US at Wilbers USA in NJ, at a cost of between $ 85 - 120 per shock. The WILBERS shocks are custom built to your specifications by the factory and not converted after the purchase. Shocks from other manufacturers are not always done this way and you have to send them to a service location to get them customized at additional cost. The shocks can be built to lower your riding (seat) height (all bikes can lowered by 1.5", most bikes by 2" and some bikes up to 3") as well as to raise it at no additional cost. Alterations to your side (kick) stand and center stand will be necessary in most cases. Other manufacturers will not do that at all, because it does not agree with their mass production, or way of manufacturing. The WILBERS shocks do all come with adjustable rebound damping with 22 clicks and threaded spring pre-load. The reservoir shocks are offered with adjustable HIGH and LOW speed compression damping as well as rebound damping. There is a choice between the SPORTSLINE ( BLUE spring ) or CLASSIC ( Black spring ) line of shocks, at no cost. Other colors can be done according to the RAL color chart at extra cost. Delivery is between 3-4 weeks. The WILBERS shocks are high quality items, exclusively built to your specifications.

For the Triumph Speed Triple 1050 I can offer the following:

Wilbers progressive fork springs @ $ 123.00

Model 640 @ $ 539.00
the shock has adjustable rebound damping with 22 clicks, and infinite variable adjustment for the spring pre-load via C-spanner.


Model 641 @ $ 869.00
the shock has adjustable rebound damping with 22 clicks, as well as High and Low speed compression damping with 22 clicks and hose mounted reservoir.

Options for either model rear shock:
# 629 = infinite variable adjustable ride height +/- 1/2" @ $ 85.00 # 625 = hydraulic pre-load adjuster for rear shock, to eliminate the fiddling with the hook-wrench @ $ 259.00

The attached pictures (generic) show the different models and installed options.

S&H in the US is $ 25.00

If you have any questions or want to talk to me about it, call me at the shop between 10 am and 5 pm EST at 877-786-6543.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be of service.
Klaus Huenecke

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He sounds like a stand up kinda guy. If i were in the markey for a new rear shock i would def consider him a front runner. This mod for me is way down the road due to finances but i have thought about it seein as how i'am bounced out of the seat with nearly every bump of the road. Thanks.

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The BMW guys swear by them. One guy at work just sent his off for the 30,000 mile service, got it back in under a week. Seems like a good company that stands behind their product. Don't know how they stack up to an Ohlins or Penske in actual racing but probably much better than the stock shock.

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It wasn't really a full blown test, if I recall correctly. Might have been more like a press release. But it was favorable and got me to send them an email. Got pretty much the same response you did. I'm still thinking about it.
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