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Will i hurt her?

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got the new mivv stubby and i been runnin her w/o a new tune...she runs a little rough off the jump but is fine above 5k...i want to get the arrow 3-1 low mount tune loaded but i dont know when i can do i doing any harm?

oh and BTW i know :picsstfu: but i am getting a Mad Doc tail kit from Hivel so i'll wait and do it all at once :loser:
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No, it will be just fine. At least that is what my dealer told me...before I got my tune.
sweeeeeeet Dirt, can't wait to see the pics! As far as doing any harm to the bike, I doubt it if you are only running it like that for a little while. But I would git that Arrow tune loaded ASAP, if fer no other reason to improve the throttle response and pick up a HP or two. ;) ;D
Crappy starting and fould plugs. Otherwise :picsstfu:
The Mivv $ was half way to a CRM set!!! :slap: ;D
thanks for the info everyone and if there's more keep em coming :popcorn:

cheapbastard said:
sweeeeeeet Dirt, can't wait to see the pics!
i'll get em soon hopefully...i am so happy w/ the look and mostly the sound (after drilling out the db killer) sounds like a fuckin' gp bike during blipped downshifts...WAY louder than ANY other exhaust i've ever heard for speedy...and its real basey sound...the quality of the can is top notch and all that for i order from PJ's parts...holy shit i wish all retail operations were like them...that has to be the nicest coupla folks around...hands down :pow:

limey said:
The Mivv $ was half way to a CRM set!!! :slap: ;D
not in my really get what i wanted it would have been 850 plus another 300 or so to get everything ceramic coated black cause i think thats how its looks best...all that=more money than i got to spend :loser: we'll get them next to each other soon and i'll sound it off for ya! :drink:
:popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:
Dirt-definitely post picks and a reveiw after new tune...the price out-weighs anything for the single low pipe IMHO

:popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:
Hurt her and i'll hurt you. :slap: ;D :eek:
When I got Mivved I loaded the Arrow tune the same day. My butt dyno is telling me that a little power was taken from the bottom-end and put on top. Not sure if it's my imagination though. :blah:
i rode mine around for a few months with the stock tune and the m4... no problems there. i ran 93 just to be safe from any possible lean detonation, but i don't think i needed it.

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