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Worst weekend of riding...ever!!!!

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This is gonna be long, so grab a beer, pull up a comfy chair, get some pop corn, and listen in!!
Myself and my mate Greg have been riding together pretty much since we met (no gay jokes please limey, cheap, and whoever else's mind is in the gutter). We just know what the other one is doing and thinking and it goes well. It is fluid, and smooth, just easy and fun. He is on his bad ass yellow Ducati 999, all carbon body, and yes he can ride it, and me on my triple. Anyway, we have been dying for a good trip for months. Now the nicer weather is here in AZ, we said we were going to ride all weekend....and we did!!! It also happened that we had a mate coming down from CO with his Aprillia (he used to live here and ride with us), so we organised a group ride for sunday morning.
Saturday morning came, and with the excitement of a twelve year old at Christmas, I threw on my one piece, and headed over to my buddies house, a little faster than the speed limit.
We headed out to Superior for breakfast, and stopped at a local middle of nowhere biker cafe. Nothing but Goldwings and cruisers. Our bikes were described as "beautiful". I wasn't sure whether to be pissed off or take it as a compliment. After breakfast, we left Superior to winkleman, and hit some fast 130-140mph sweepers. Too much traffic slowed things down, so we turned around and did them again.
Eventually, we got to Globe gassed up, grabbed a red bull, and our goal was the Salt River Canyon road. Now, if you live in Phoenix, this road is infamous amongst the biker community. Whilst for the cruisers it provides beautiful scenery and incredible views, on the opposite end of the scale, the sports bike riders, it has some friggin awesome turns, that test even the experienced rider. The traffic once again slowed things down, but a little traffic negotiation, put a stop to that. We stopped at the bottom, but I Greg I wasn't happy stopping, as we had pissed off a number of people. So we got going again, back up the other side. The first time around, I was a little rough, getting knee down in the turns, just not smooth. When we got to the top, I shouted into my chatterbox "I'm going back down" and so we did just that. We went down again, but faster as we were warmed up. All the way down, people were flashing lights at us, flipping us off, obviously we had passed them the first time. So back up the other side, and turned around to do it all again...just faster. This time, my knee was going down smooth and constant around the corners. Furkin lovin it!!! As we near the top, there were a couple of ricers in their honda civics trying to take the corners as fast as they could, but using both lanes to do it. Well, Greg and I thought it would be funny to go around them on either side, with our knees down, and thats what we did. What I would have given for a camera.
Because of the number of birds and flashing lights we were getting, we thought it smart to leave. We hit Show Low for lunch and a breather, before going back to the valley.
While we were sat having lunch, the temp dropped 20 degrees, and the sky went black. We finish lunch in a hurry, to try and beat the storm......but apparently the gods of disaster were against us for the mayhem we caused not an hour before. We got on our bikes to leave, stopped to get gas, and then it started to fucking SNOW!!!????? In Arizona????SNOW????!!!SERIOUSLY!!!!!
So, in order to get the hell out of the snow and friggin bitter cold, we rode a little 90mph. In fact that is slower than usual because it was friggin snowing!!!!!We were afraid to turn in the turns.
Just when our toes had lost their color, and we couldn't fell our levers, a DPS (highway patrol) cruiser goes past us, and we were to cold to react, so we didn't slow down. Well, we watched our mirrors and talked in the chatterbox, and were sure he had gone straight past. 5 minutes later, I looked back, and this PDS cruiser was busting a nut to catch up to us. I told Greg he was back there and we slowed, his lights came on and we pulled over. Anyway, he turned out to be a nice guy. We were polite, and he cut us a break...kind of. I told him we were just trying to get out of the cold as quick as we could. He could see we weren't stupid kids, told us a story of some kid he stopped last week in sandals, t-shirt and shorts doing 90. He said " being honest, what are these bikes capable of?" I so wanted to say to him..."well, we didn't need to stop"....but I let it go. He wrote us up for 75 in a 65. I said to Greg as the cop drove away, I would rather get this ticket, than go to jail for what we were doing in the Canyon.
Anyway, we continued to ride home, in the snow, until we hit the valley, and went on to the Pavilions, a big bike meet every Saturday night. In all the first half of the day, was awesome, the latter half.... :violent1:
Anyway, onto Sunday Morning. Well, Ben was in town from CO, and we were putting a ride together for him. We decided to hit Prescott, through Yarnell Mountain, and the White Spar mountains. Notorious rides for bikers, and the cops know it. We made the mistake of leaving at noon, and I said, it was a bad idea leaving this late, because the cops will be out in force. The only down side to this ride is that it is about 100 Miles of straight cruiser crap, for about 30 or 40 miles of curves. So we get the straight shit out of the way. Gas up at the bottom of Yarnell, and I said, lets just do a test run. See if there are cops. Well we all agreed. Take into consideration the bikes we ride. A Ducati 999, a Ducati 998, An Aprillia RSV Mille heavily Modified, my S3, and a Stock S3. Not the slowest of bikes. We Tried really hard to be sensible, and I thought we were doing well. Until the the 3rd turn in....there he was, a DOS officer, waving us all in. FUCK!!!! Two tickets in two days!!!! It can't be!!!! Well, I started to panic, because I was smart enough to put the video camera on my tank. What do i do? It was evidence. Well, when he was talking to the guys at the front, I put my helmet over the camera and the mount, and closed the visor. :twofinger:
Well, it turns out, he only clocked the two bright fucking yeller bikes, and the others weren't accurate. So he let the last 3 go. He was a dick too. Really arrogant, not friendly. When I looked at this patrol car, there was a Harley rider in the back. It was all I could do not to laugh. He was letting 3 sports bike riders go, all dressed in leathers, and he arrested the harley rider....WTF????!!! My buddies on the Ducs though were still there. We waited at the top of the hill for them. We were sure they were going to get arrested, but two minutes later, they came over the hill giggling their tits off like little school girls. Apparently, the cop had got their readins mixed up and couldn't be sure. Told them it was their lucky day, and slow down......J-PIP, what is that all about mate? Either he wasn't ready for us coming up the hill and made it up to fuck with us, or he was in the middle of arresting the harley dude, what??? I don't get it. Not that I'm complaining.
Anyway, I said that now the white spar mountain run was a bad idea, and we should go home. Oh no!!!! we were there and we were going to do it. So on we went. Again, a slow run was suggested, and we were going slow.....for us, only second gear, and weren't hanging off the bikes. Video was running again, and 5 minutes into it, we were getting faster and faster, and then two cruisers came past, and them a bike cop came past....and then I shit myself.....NO!!!! Not two tickets in two days!!!!! This shit wasn't funny any more!!!! Well, as soon as I saw him, my hand came up, I knew i was done, and slowed right down, waited forhis lights to come on.......but they didn't????WTF???! He came around the outside of me, a fucking turn!!!!granted, I was one handed, and in 1st gear....but still.....
He was chasing my buddies in front (At this point, I would like to pint out, that the only reason I was fourth, is because I had the video, and was trying get footage of those in front). Well, I stopped puckering hard, and started laughing harder. I got away with it again. I think it was because he was turning around when he saw me and didn't clock my speed.
He eventually caught up to Greg on his 999, and the first thing he said was "you can ride"
After standing and talking for 45 minutes about bikes and accidents, he let them off with a warning. If he had given them a ticket, in all the surrounding areas, it was on average a $750 ticket. Apparently when they were done, the cop could see, an old gixxer coming up the hill, rapping it out. The minute he saw the cop, he was in second gear, one hand slowed right down. The cop smiled at Greg and said "I think I'll just go fuck with him"
We then rode 100 miles back to phoenix without ever reaching Prescott. Was it the worst weekend of riding, or the Luckiest? Greg and I are now buying radar detectors.
It's all part of game we play guys. It's a risk every time we get on our bikes....but thats why we do it, right?
Ride safe guys.
This forum rocks.
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Also, I have about 15 minutes of video for you guys to watch, if you can tell me how to post on and then post it on the forum.
Sounds like fun...

The ticket sux but it could have been so much worse!
Two words... Radar Roy. He sells radar detector bike kits AND laser jammers! He is also located somewhere down south here so I might try and get the whole kit professionally installed when I get the 1098.
yeah, it's a real shame, i landed my self in alot of trouble, multiple court dates and thousands in expense, now i'm selling speeding for a bike that can't top 100. can't wait till i can afford track time and track bike.
Jrussell, I work at the track at weekends so I get free track time, and I have track bike....I wish it was that simple dude. Speedy is the spawn of satan!!!!! :devil:
well for me it was pretty simple, license or no license,
Jruss, I meant no offence. I was trying to point out my stupidity. I just can't control the urge. But if I'm not careful, I will lose my license.
Too bad ya got written up, could've been worse. Places like that are hard to ride fast in without getting attention. Still sounds like a great weekend.
I would not say that is the worst or luckiest weekend of riding ever, but maybe somewhere in between. ;)

I would say it sounds like a good bit of riding, the ticket sucks, but you got away with the best part of the ride scott free. :)

Devious2xs said:
I would say it sounds like a good bit of riding, the ticket sucks, but you got away with the best part of the ride scott free. :)

+1! Sounds like a great weekend devildog! :smitty: That one little ticket doesn't sound that bad fer all of the hooliganism that went on. ;D
jrussell6 said:
yeah, it's a real shame, i landed my self in alot of trouble, multiple court dates and thousands in expense, now i'm selling speeding for a bike that can't top 100.
hAAAAAAAA...i been down that same road...lets just say my honda vtx only lasted six will be bored on a slow bike...good luck! :popcorn:
It's really hard to avoid the epic "sportbike roads," but you KNOW that's where the po-po's going to be, esp. on a nice weekend...I've spent some time getting off the beaten path and finding the roads that aren't so well traveled for my weekend rides - or I get out of the house early, like 7am, and get all my riding in before the cops get their traps set up. This may be harder to do in AZ...

Sounds like a not-so-bad weekend, though. You only got the one ticket, nobody got hurt, and you canned some good video!
:tongue2: OK, now that I have my defense shields up to ward off the incoming flak from you guys, let me say this: riding like that and pissing off the cagers is not good for the reputation of your fellow cyclists. It wouldn't break my heart if you did lose your license for a while. You need to pick a better time and place for the hooliganism.
I'm with you Donkeyman. Eeeawww, Eeeaawww, Eeeaaww to know better. :fingure: :devi:
limey said:
I'm with you Donkeyman. Eeeawww, Eeeaawww, Eeeaaww to know better. :fingure: :devi:
limey said:
I'm with you Donkeyman. Eeeawww, Eeeaawww, Eeeaaww to know better. :fingure: :devi:

I can get away with murder on two wheels, just because I do it where the cops aren't.

Thanks for that donkey man. I will definitely take your words into consideration next time I'm breaking the law........... :devil:
What is it like to be a perfect motorcyclist? Is it boring? How do you keep speedy below 65, do tell!!! :pow:
:wave: It's easy, Satan: just move to Kansas where there are few curvy roads, and then age into the upper 50 range. And, yes, I actually did go over 65 on speedy once, and boy was that a blast!!
Two words...time, place.

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