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WTF, coolant leaking

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Can someone explain to me why coolant mysteriously leaks from the resavoir under the seat...I have heard this before but I don't remember why it happend....

BTW, this is a new problem...
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Is it staying at the lower limit of the bottle's markings?
I don't know it looks rather low....It sucks cause it just started happening...

I noticed the little puddles of the blue liquid when I took the bike for a ride today.... :drink:
If the level is suddenly staying at a lower level, keep an eye on it.

If it continues to overflow, start by flushing the cooling system and putting in new antifreeze.
Rodger...any ideas what it could be....what type of coolant is the best to use....Any specific brands or can I use the same generic crap I use in my Tahoe...

My Triumph dealer told me to use the prestone (piss yeller) antifreeze that is safe to add to anything (except martinis)
I like what I have seen from the Engine Ice..... ;)
Is engine ice and anti-freeze too, or does it need to be replaced in the winter?
It is a PG bases anti-freeze.
Well, its turned into a bad leak with a heavier flow...something is up. I am taking it to the dealer, should be covered under warranty since the bike was purchased in September of 06.

I am also going to get them to check the front brake condition, why my hoses are turning gray (don't understand this one, since it is garaged kept), and what appears to be a small leak in my rear break....I guess everything just happens at once with...I am not looking forward to speaking with the service guy since he is kind of a dick. I will yall informed.
Guv - Not good to hear. Get it to the dealer and let us know what is up.
Alrighty...dropped the beast off with the dealership. After speaking with Les, who turned out to be a pretty cool dude in person he:

checked out the coolant res and agreed that there was a leak, but won't know until tomorrow. If it is one of the hoses, he is going to have to order it from the factory. He will cover this under warranty.

On the hoses, changing color to a light gray, he mentioned that this probably happend due to light exposure, but I keep speedy in the garage so it must have happend before I bought the was a demo with 800 miles, it has about 2200 miles but I purchased it as new with the 24 month warranty. The sales guy did mention that S100 will corrode all the parts on a bike, but I only washed it twic. I don't know how using S100 twice will jack up all the hoses, especially when I used it on the wheels, swing arm and motor...go figure. I think I am gonna have to fight this one...

On the dry rotted rubber fastners, he also mentioned that it could be sunlight exposure. He doesn't think its any cleaning product since it looks like dry rot. These should be replaced under warranty.

He is going to tighten the slack on my throttle. This should be free of charge since it should have been done at the first break-in.

The rear break issue seems to be a cracked bleed nut that has a slow leak.

And last but not least, I threw in an oil change...why not!

I will let you know what they find out in the morrow.
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Sounds like the coolant leak has an upside. :)
Indeed...unless I get a call tomorrow with a $600 bill :devil:
Well the summary is in.

The coolant res had a hole. It will take 3 - 5 days to arrive (Covered under warranty)
The front brakes have been bled and pistons have been ordered. It can take 6 - 8 weeks for pistons to arrive (Covered under warranty)
The dry rot fastners will be replaced (covered under warranty)
No word yet on the hoses....
Standard oil change (not covered under warranty :p)
Throtle slack fixed. (covered under waranty)
Rear brake bleed nut replaced (covered under warranty)

I will probably not get my bike until Tues - Wed. :'(
Dang man that sux, but think of how nice she'll be after the upgrades!
Yeah but we are suppose to have an incredible weekend...bah humbug... :beer:
TheGuvnor said:
Yeah but we are suppose to have an incredible weekend...bah humbug... :beer:
Good that the fix is simple, and everything else was done.

It wouldn't be difficult to pick up you bike from the dealer and put a temporary fix on the reservoir with tape, ShoeGoo, etc, and ride the bike this weekend.
Something to think about.  ;)
If it's nothing catastrophic....ride the bike until the appointment
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