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So what do ya think? How's the service regarding warranty, etc?

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Your thoughts on Triumph regarding customer service

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So I have a rear shock complete with a nice corroded finish (apparently acid from battery) that I want fixed. I reported this to my dealer (120 miles away) during the first service at 450 miles.

The warranty claim has been rejected. Triumph says: Dealer who performed PDI is at fault, battery must sit for 1 hour after filling to prevent leakage.

(Local dealer was out of speedies for the year, so I had to go elsewhere to get mine in August) So my dealer tells me he's sorry, but it's basically between me and the selling dealer. (I can dig that, he's definately not at fault and obviously Triumph isn't going to pay him to fix it)

Put in a call to TN this afternoon and they say they'll get right on it in the A.M.
So I'm crossing the fingers until I hear back from them.....

Yeah, it's cosmetic. Yeah, cosmetics have never been a big thing with me. BUT....this is the first NEW bike I have ever had and it should be made right, no matter if the dealer or Triumph are at fault.

OK, rant away.
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my beef is not with my dealer,, they are great, but i'll tell you, triumph corperate is garbage, and i'ld be careful what i said on the internet, you will get noticed, and you may or may not like the attention you get from higher powers, even if you don't know of it. i won't tell you how i know, but all they eyes in the paintings on the wall seem to be moving. i've put in numerous calls to triumph and not a singe one returned,,,
it's absolutely amazing, buy a used xbox for 200 dollers and get exceptional customer service,, even get called back with solutions, and then buy a 10k bike and you can't even get a person on the phone. thanks alot
This is what happens when companies get caught up with growth and forget about leadership, values and strategy.
just to note, i called again yesterday and a very nice guy mike lashely spoke with me, got some facts strait. Very good guy and was pleased with the conversation.
Glad to hear about your good experience (yours was a BIG deal). I'm keeping fingers crossed on mine. :)
i won't go on a rant, because i love what triumph has done with their bikes, but man the "service" surrounding the "issue" (brakes) is obnoxious.
i know all about business plans but man, 'fess up with the 'issue' already, you know?. we're all adults... kind of...
Although it's my poll, I am yet to vote.....waiting to see how the issue pans out. Got a call from the selling dealer today and he says the shock is being shipped to my local guy and he (local guy) has told him he'll contact me when it arives to make an appointment.........So I guess the curious part is: Did they somehow get it covered or are they paying my local to do the job? I really don't care as long as it's fixed, just thought I'd update the thread.
I'd guess I'd have to put "The jury's still out." I've yet to take speedy in for anything. The shop I bought it from also sold me my KTM, and they've done excellent work for me in the past, so they rate an excellent, but I haven't had any issues with my triumph to warrant a grade for the company. (Or maybe the fact that I haven't had to bring it in is a rating...)
No problem with Triumph - I got a letter of conformation when I returned from Canada to the UK - sorted the registration!
They "Transferred" the dealer details, which meant I got the fuel line fittings done at my UK dealer.
Had the 6K & 12K(miles) services done + free download for the "High" Carbon can. of all, they are 5 miles away - not the 600+ as they were in Canada!!!
well, with that brake 'issue' as my main connection to triumph's support, i'd say they get a fat "F".
the time and multiple trips and coordinating rides back and forth to the city has been a pain in the ass.
i like the company as a whole, but this has been a bit fecal at best.

They installed the new shock yesterday. The dealer the bike was purchased from managed to get the (original) warranty claim approved (dealer here is still curious how that happened). So I give a thumbs up to Southern P-sports on that one, as well as a thumbs up to RPM motorwerks for installing the shock promptly and quickly. But I have to say the jury is still out on corporate issues....this should not have required me calling all over the place trying to get it solved. It's their product, I'm the original owner, and it was only 2 and a half weeks old when this problem was noted. Like I said before, major automotive companies don't question whose fault it is, they just fix it before getting a bad rep. (Excluding cases of obvious customer abuse of course)
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