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I have a Zard on my 955 Speed Triple. My set-up uses a set of T595 (955i Daytona) header pipes, (multi section header pipes all held with springs) with the central section (3 into 1 collector piece) cut down to get the bracket to line up correctly. Unfortunately, this method won't work on your 1050 as I'm sure T595 headers will not fit your motor.

I presume the headers on the 1050 are a single unit and don't come in pieces like the early systems? I did this conversion a long time ago, but I seem to remember the original Speed Triple headers on my bike were a single unit, that;s why I switched to using the T595, multi section exhaust...made life a lot easier!

So, if you want yours to be shorter, it would look like cutting is required...not an easy job on your system I'm afraid.

Good luck getting it sorted :)
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